Uthden Troll Heroes

Special Guest

Last year we were honoured to have Jeff Laubenstein as our special guest at the Uthden Troll Cup! Our special guest for 2023 will be announced here soon!


No crew, no festival. Here’s some action pictures of our amazing crew!

Social Media Heroes
The most famous Dutch Old School streamer from Timmy Talks, Thomas Meddens will do some nice live streaming again this year. And Dyan de Rochemont will help him with some professional equipment.
And of course also this year we will have our own professional photographer at Uthden Troll Cup. Did you wonder why we have so many great pictures from last year? Thomas van den Berg is the one who gets the honour for that, what a great photographer!

Top notch judge Selene Bergers
We are very happy to announce that Selene Bergers will run the PreModern event for us again!
Oh, and on any other event during the weekend she’ll also be happy to answer rules-questions.


We have two top vendors this year at Uthden Troll Cup this year. Just like last year our premium seller Wijnand Schoenmakers from PowerNegen will be there on Friday and Saturday. And this year we also have Sky Guild run by Mitja Held and Alban Lauter selling cards during the whole weekend. Together these vendors should have about any old Frame card that is on your wishlist. So don’t forget to bring your credit card πŸ˜‰


Every year we receive donations for the raffle. Wijnand Schoenmakers from PowerNegen, our Premium Seller has been very generous previous years and has amongst others donated an unsearched Antiquities booster. Can’t wait to see what he will donate this year!

Besides donations for the raffle many people have donated mtg cards for the repack boosters. This really helps us keeping the cost as low as possible.

Raffle, raffle, raffle!
Like every year people can get tickets for the raffle by handing over old frame Uthden Trolls. Like last year people will receive bonus tickets if they hand over altered Uthden Trolls. The better you alter, the more tickets you will receive.
The best alters will definitely come back somehow, maybe in the raffle, maybe as a prize or maybe even as something we auction for charity.

Auction for charity: Art, rarities and goodies
Last year auction for charity was a great succes. In the end we were able to donate games to children in poverty for over € 5500 in retail value. So this year we do another online and live auction during Uthden Troll Cup.

Do you also want to donate some art, goodies or cards? Just contact Ron.
For the auction when you have really special expensive items it’s also possible to donate on special terms (like only 50% goes to charity or the item has to meet a reserve price etc etc.).

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